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How to apply Animal instinct for your Business

After exploring the Masai Mara JungIe safari and observing animals so closely,  have been thinking how to apply Animal characteristics and  jungle rules to our business world – focus is on how to leverage the “Animal Instinct” present in each one of us.   Attack like lion When Lion chases its pray, it gives its best shot while pursuing this chase. Half killed deer or zebra will run again and Lion will not have strength to catch it again. It is proven that Lion’s one fierce power attack is enough to kill even big animals in seconds. If you chase any opportunity, chase it like Lion, with 500% attention and all your strength. Half kill is not kill and unfinished job is no job done. Go all in and give everything you have and finish the job in style as if your “life” depends on it.   Be fearless You can survive in a jungle if you are fearless. Yes, threats are real but fear makes same danger worse. Fearless is not careless. Be alert but fearless. As fear makes you weak, Your p