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Self-Imposed Sacrifices

                       Self-Imposed Sacrifices In today’s world, human beings are either working towards or already getting all kinds of comfort possible, but still people are not Happy with their life. Most of the people are going through some pain but they don’t know what’s wrong in their life. One of the reason for your pain is that most of you are not able to do what you love doing. Why are you unable to find time or energy to do what you love doing? One of the reason could be your own ego boosting self-imposed responsibilities. You spend your whole life working for your spouses or kids or parents and later when you expect or seek credit from them, you get hurt with the responses you get in return. They never expected you to do so much for them, they never asked you to do what you have been doing for them assuming they need you the most. By then, you have already spent 20-30 years to serve them and you can’t bring back the time which has already gone. That brings frust