Self-Imposed Sacrifices

                       Self-Imposed Sacrifices

In today’s world, human beings are either working towards or already getting all kinds of comfort possible, but still people are not Happy with their life. Most of the people are going through some pain but they don’t know what’s wrong in their life. One of the reason for your pain is that most of you are not able to do what you love doing. Why are you unable to find time or energy to do what you love doing?
One of the reason could be your own ego boosting self-imposed responsibilities. You spend your whole life working for your spouses or kids or parents and later when you expect or seek credit from them, you get hurt with the responses you get in return. They never expected you to do so much for them, they never asked you to do what you have been doing for them assuming they need you the most.
By then, you have already spent 20-30 years to serve them and you can’t bring back the time which has already gone. That brings frustration in the remaining part of your life.
You need to make sure you give ‘me’ time to yourself no matter what. If someone will stay with you forever, it will be only you. People will come in your life and go. You will remain with yourselves till death. You need to make sure that you are at peace with yourselves. Lot of us don’t like their own company and they feel lonely in their own company. Once you try to seek company other than yours, you are giving, your control to others. If you are lucky, you may get right friend in your spouse, children or neighbor but chances are that you may develop too much dependency on them.
To make my point clear, I want to share a story

A husband and wife have been living together for 30 years. On 30th anniversary of their marriage, the wife baked a bun. She baked it every morning. It was a tradition.
During the breakfast she cut it across, buttered both sides, and as usual, gave the top to her husband, but her hand stopped halfway. She thought: “On the day of our 30th anniversary, I want to eat this rosy part of the bun, I have been dreaming about it for 30 years.
Finally! I was an exemplary wife for 30 years and I raised good sons for him. I put so much effort into the wall-being of our family”. So, she decided and gave the bottom of the bun to her husband, but her hands trembled – breaking the 30-year-old tradition!
Her husband took the bun and said to her: What a wonderful gift you gave me today, my dear! For 30 years I did not eat my favorite-bottom-part of the bun because I thought that it rightfully belonged to you.
Few people just keep on doing favors for others just to lift their own spirits, feel wanted, fulfill ego’s as by doing this they feel good or they can expect something back in return in future. In this process, they lose themselves and never know what they really wanted out of your life.
Have a Date with yourself by taking 10 min break every day and find out what you really want from your life. Note down action plan to start moving towards your personal goals. Talk to your family about responsibilities you have been taking till now & what can responsibilities can be shared so you can focus on things which matter most to “You” because you are born with some greater purpose and not just to live your life by creating self-imposed sacrifices & then entire life living those sacrifices which become miseries in the long run.


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