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Forget Immunity - Watch your Stress First

Forget Immunity - Watch your Stress First You must have been getting lots of messages about Covid and how to improve immunity, but I believe problem could be elsewhere. Do you Love Camping? , alright, so let’s assume you went to a jungle for camping & you ended up eating something which your system could not digest & you got diarrhea, hence your immune system is fighting these bacteria so you can recover faster. Now suddenly you hear a loud roar nearby and you see a hungry Lion marching towards you. Your body realizes this as grave threat and what does it do ? First thing on priority shuts your immune system so that all the energy can be used to save you so that you can run away from the Lion because if Lion eats you, bacteria will be Lion’s problem not yours 😊 . Brain always prioritizes so called external threats over immune system and many times all the energy go waste in handling threat situation due to evolutionary training of our brain. In today’s w