Forget Immunity - Watch your Stress First

Forget Immunity - Watch your Stress First You must have been getting lots of messages about Covid and how to improve immunity, but I believe problem could be elsewhere. Do you Love Camping? , alright, so let’s assume you went to a jungle for camping & you ended up eating something which your system could not digest & you got diarrhea, hence your immune system is fighting these bacteria so you can recover faster. Now suddenly you hear a loud roar nearby and you see a hungry Lion marching towards you. Your body realizes this as grave threat and what does it do ? First thing on priority shuts your immune system so that all the energy can be used to save you so that you can run away from the Lion because if Lion eats you, bacteria will be Lion’s problem not yours 😊 . Brain always prioritizes so called external threats over immune system and many times all the energy go waste in handling threat situation due to evolutionary training of our brain. In today’s w

Aligning laws of life

Aligning laws of life If I ask you how much mileage your car gives, you will say 10 km or 20 km based on your car and same time if I ask you to calculate that how much amount you have spent on running your car in last few years, figure will come in few hundreds of thousands of rupees. Then if I tell you that you can run thousands of kilometers at very fast speed for almost free, you will not believe but it is true, there are many objects running thousands of kilometers without any fuel requirement but just based on laws of physics. Surprised? Yes, thousands of satellites are spinning around Earth just based on gravity. Some of the satellites are running thousands of kilometers per day just because they are rightly place in right orbit. Same is true to human life as well, if we follow laws of life, your life will be blissful without any effort, you will have continuous fountain of Joy day in and day out till your last breath. Laws of life includes Love for All,

How much real estate you own in Cyber space.

How much real estate you know in Cyber space Once upon a time, poor man who was not able to meet his daily needs and went to the king for help. The king agreed to give him land with one condition—he can start walking at sunrise and return back to the starting point at sunset and all the land covered during this time would be his. The poor man was elated and started early next morning. He covered a long distance and it was close to sunset when he remembered the condition put forth by the king. Not wanting to waste a single minute, he started running back furiously and did manage to reach the starting point but dropped dead due to extreme exhaustion. Even after capturing so much land, he was buried in a small piece of land. This is an old age story, but everything has changed in the new era. We have a parallel world called cyber space and it works on different physical laws than real world. Cyber world is expanding at an amazing speed with millions of gigabytes added to t

Overcoming Challenges


Don’t let your happiness depends on other’s choice

When I was a kid, I wanted to become an adult as soon as possible because I thought adults get to make & take their own decisions. I wanted to take my own decisions too. Most of us think & believe that we know what is good for us & we should be allowed to execute our choices. So, when we want to start taking actions based on our decisions, we are being blocked from doing so as  sometimes our parents/spouse/Friends/teachers/well-wishers think we should be doing something else which they believe is better for us.   Now it depends on you and your circumstances, whether you choose to do what you want to do or you listen to the 'so-called' advisers/well-wishers in your life. As a matter of fact, the circumstances are also in your hands.   Now imagine a situation, where you are in the 'giving advice' mode to someone you love or like, but when he/she don't listen to you and go ahead and execute their choice, what happens then? When you real

Self-Imposed Sacrifices

                       Self-Imposed Sacrifices In today’s world, human beings are either working towards or already getting all kinds of comfort possible, but still people are not Happy with their life. Most of the people are going through some pain but they don’t know what’s wrong in their life. One of the reason for your pain is that most of you are not able to do what you love doing. Why are you unable to find time or energy to do what you love doing? One of the reason could be your own ego boosting self-imposed responsibilities. You spend your whole life working for your spouses or kids or parents and later when you expect or seek credit from them, you get hurt with the responses you get in return. They never expected you to do so much for them, they never asked you to do what you have been doing for them assuming they need you the most. By then, you have already spent 20-30 years to serve them and you can’t bring back the time which has already gone. That brings frust

How to apply Animal instinct for your Business

After exploring the Masai Mara JungIe safari and observing animals so closely,  have been thinking how to apply Animal characteristics and  jungle rules to our business world – focus is on how to leverage the “Animal Instinct” present in each one of us.   Attack like lion When Lion chases its pray, it gives its best shot while pursuing this chase. Half killed deer or zebra will run again and Lion will not have strength to catch it again. It is proven that Lion’s one fierce power attack is enough to kill even big animals in seconds. If you chase any opportunity, chase it like Lion, with 500% attention and all your strength. Half kill is not kill and unfinished job is no job done. Go all in and give everything you have and finish the job in style as if your “life” depends on it.   Be fearless You can survive in a jungle if you are fearless. Yes, threats are real but fear makes same danger worse. Fearless is not careless. Be alert but fearless. As fear makes you weak, Your p