How much real estate you own in Cyber space.

How much real estate you know in Cyber space

Once upon a time, poor man who was not able to meet his daily needs and went to the king for help. The king agreed to give him land with one condition—he can start walking at sunrise and return back to the starting point at sunset and all the land covered during this time would be his. The poor man was elated and started early next morning. He covered a long distance and it was close to sunset when he remembered the condition put forth by the king. Not wanting to waste a single minute, he started running back furiously and did manage to reach the starting point but dropped dead due to extreme exhaustion. Even after capturing so much land, he was buried in a small piece of land. This is an old age story, but everything has changed in the new era. We have a parallel world called cyber space and it works on different physical laws than real world.

Cyber world is expanding at an amazing speed with millions of gigabytes added to the storage by companies daily. You need to ask yourself -how much real estate you own in cyber world? You can capture as much as cyber space as possible since it is easy and cost effective. You will not get tired of acquiring more and more cyber space as the poor man did in the story. Once you have acquired enough cyber space, it starts expanding itself with interactions from various active users. You need to learn new tricks of trade and keep your presence vibrant, so your target audience is in virtual relationship with you giving additional push to your business.

With time, companies will have more online user base and cyberspace will have greater valuations. For example, Motorola with 60 offices and thousands of employees was evaluated at $4.5 billion, while Nokia with a similar size was evaluated at $7.5 billion. In contrast, WhatsApp with a single office and 55 employees is valuated at $19 billion. Thus, it is obvious that more than the size, the number of user base determines its position. The cost of acquiring cyberspace is cheaper now and therefore companies should make use of this to get their social network marketing right. Unless you acquire new marketing tools as per trends, you will be nowhere within no time.

Even you are in Job, you need to establish yourself as expert in field you may start business or in field where you have something valuable to offer to the world.

Go online today and start claiming cyber space for yourself NOW.


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