Forget Immunity - Watch your Stress First

Forget Immunity - Watch your Stress First

You must have been getting lots of messages about Covid and how to improve immunity, but I believe problem could be elsewhere.

Do you Love Camping? , alright, so let’s assume you went to a jungle for camping & you ended up eating something which your system could not digest & you got diarrhea, hence your immune system is fighting these bacteria so you can recover faster.

Now suddenly you hear a loud roar nearby and you see a hungry Lion marching towards you. Your body realizes this as grave threat and what does it do ? First thing on priority shuts your immune system so that all the energy can be used to save you so that you can run away from the Lion because if Lion eats you, bacteria will be Lion’s problem not yours 😊.

Brain always prioritizes so called external threats over immune system and many times all the energy go waste in handling threat situation due to evolutionary training of our brain.
In today’s world, we do not really have Lion chasing us but whenever we are in any kind of stress, brain treats it as a threat which needs to be acted immediately even at the cost of having weaker immune system.

Most of the stress now a days is psychological and if stress is not watched and handled properly, it will consume all your energy and will leave very less energy to fight for any bacteria or Virus in your body.  

You may be working on increasing immunity but what if your strong immunity system does not get chance to work because of Stress taking away all the attention?

World is going through Covid pandemic and even after taking all the precautions, if you get infected, here are some of things that can help you:
1    Become AWARE: Take few deep breaths and watch out for stress, It is more important to know that you are getting stressed before you take steps to remove stress.

     BELIEVE:  Millions of people recovered from Covid and you will also recover. Your stress may take away all the life energy which your immune system needs now.

3       Be POSITIVE: Be Positive and trust your immune system and follow doctors advise.
We all have been gifted with nature given immunity which can fight any virus, but we need to allow immune system to work. We all will come out stronger from this pandemic for sure.

I will conclude this article by quote from Will smith  “Danger is real, but Fear is a Choice”


  1. Our imagination helps us to see the future and our passion drives us to create it.

  2. True, explained with an amazing example as well...


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