Aligning laws of life

Aligning laws of life

If I ask you how much mileage your car gives, you will say 10 km or 20 km based on your car and same time if I ask you to calculate that how much amount you have spent on running your car in last few years, figure will come in few hundreds of thousands of rupees.

Then if I tell you that you can run thousands of kilometers at very fast speed for almost free, you will not believe but it is true, there are many objects running thousands of kilometers without any fuel requirement but just based on laws of physics.

Surprised? Yes, thousands of satellites are spinning around Earth just based on gravity. Some of the satellites are running thousands of kilometers per day just because they are rightly place in right orbit.

Same is true to human life as well, if we follow laws of life, your life will be blissful without any effort, you will have continuous fountain of Joy day in and day out till your last breath.

Laws of life includes Love for All, improving inner being first before working on outer world and living life intensity with full involvement and some more in similar lines.

Life is not about hard work and continuous struggle but smooth ride once you have found your right orbit and it is just matter of moving your orbits as and when you want to grow in life.

Kids are always happy even if you put them in refugee camps and they are always playful which also gives happiness people around them. You being blissful and joyful can bring lots of positive change in your life and people around you. If you can be Joyful throughout the day, people around you will also get benefit indirectly as your blissfulness will affect them positively.

To conclude, Before seeking any physical pleasure/possession, seek for blissful state which can come by following simple laws of life which will automatically bring positive change in this world.


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