Don’t let your happiness depends on other’s choice

When I was a kid, I wanted to become an adult as soon as possible because I thought adults get to make & take their own decisions.

I wanted to take my own decisions too.

Most of us think & believe that we know what is good for us & we should be allowed to execute our choices.
So, when we want to start taking actions based on our decisions, we are being blocked from doing so as sometimes our parents/spouse/Friends/teachers/well-wishers think we should be doing something else which they believe is better for us.  

Now it depends on you and your circumstances, whether you choose to do what you want to do or you listen to the 'so-called' advisers/well-wishers in your life. As a matter of fact, the circumstances are also in your hands. 

Now imagine a situation, where you are in the 'giving advice' mode to someone you love or like, but when he/she don't listen to you and go ahead and execute their choice, what happens then? When you realize that they have ignored your advice, you tend to feel ignored, you get angry, full of anxiety, frustrated and finally you feel sad that the people you love do not LISTEN to you.

When we love making choices & decisions for ourselves, then why do we want to impose our choices & decisions on others?

Sometimes, we become so obsessed with what we believe is right for people we love that we try all means to convince them to do what we want them to do, by hook or by crook and against their will. What happens in the process? Do we realize that we are creating an unhappy individual for a life time?

So here’s a quick & easy formula to be happy in life -  We just need to make sure that we do our karma of advising (actually guiding) them as per our knowledge & wisdom & then let go of the outcome.There is no need to get impacted by the choices made by our loved ones. They will realize what matters & what is important for them in their own time zone.

We will get people in life who don’t value us or ignore us or, in some cases, even insult us. Our happiness should depend only and only on our choice and no one else's. This will allow us to focus on our goals, our aspiration so that we can put all our energy to achieve them & reduce all the noise, clutter that is unnecessarily bothering us & is also beyond our control. Once you know what is in your control & what is not, you will start qualifying what really MATTERS the most in your life. That leads you on to the expressway to prosperity & peace.

Your happiness has to be your choice and cannot depend on anybody else’s choices or actions.


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